Fix laptops provide computer repair service to both homes and businesses, efficiently. Our services are affordable and we are able to service any brand of laptop. Whether you have an issue with hardware, software, or just need technical support, look no further than Fix Laptops. We are experts at removing spyware, troubleshooting, installations and much more! Our friendly team is extremely experienced and reliable.  If you are looking for assistance with your computer or having difficulties, contact the team at Fix Laptops!

Laptop Repairs

Laptop Screen Replacement (10” – 13”)

From $150.00

Laptop Screen Replacement ( 14”)

From $180.00

Laptop Screen Replacement ( 15”)

From $200.00

Laptop Screen Replacement ( 16”-17″)

From $250.00

Laptop Keyboard Replacement All Brands

From $80.00

Laptop Motherboard Repair ~ 3 months warranty

From $250.00

Laptop Graphic Card Repair ~ 6 months warranty

From $250.00

Laptop Power or DC Jack Repair

From $120.00

Laptop/Desktop PC Dust Cleaning

From $65.00

Laptop/Desktop Diagnostic

From $55.00
Macbook Repairs

Macbook or iMac OS Installation

From $88.00

Macbook Keyboard Replacement

From $90.00

Macbook or iMac Glass Replacement

From $150.00

Macbook Screen Replacement

From $200.00

Macbook Motherboard Repair

From $250.00

Macbook Water Damage Repair

From $250.00

Macbook Battery Replacement

From $90.00

Other Marcbook Repair – AC Adapter, Housing Case Replacement etc

From $75.00
Microsoft Surface & All Touch Screen, All Brands

Microsoft Surface/ Surface 2/ Surface 3


Microsoft Surface Pro/ Pro 2/Pro 3


Microsoft Surface Pro 4/ Pro 2017


All Touch Screen from All Brands

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