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Frequently Asked Questions

When is my parcel going to be delivered?

If your parcel has been registered in our parcel delivery network, it should be delivered in the next half-day. For example, if it is picked up by our drivers in the morning, it should be delivered in the afternoon. If it is picked up in the afternoon, it should be delivered the next morning.

Don’t forget – you can ALWAYS track your parcel’s progress

What if no-one is at the delivery address?

If no one will be at the delivery address, we need the permission of the receiver to leave a parcel at their premises. As the sender, you will need to arrange this in advance.

What time will my parcel be picked up?

With the ½ day parcel delivery service, we can’t make a specific time as the drivers are picking up different packages every day, but morning pickups will be between 8 am and 12 noon and afternoon pickups will be between 1 pm and 5 pm.

Fixlaptops will forward the booking information each time after the booking has been made. For some reason, if the driver does not pick up for the day then it means it will be the following next day. If it happens and you cannot be available for the next pick up, please contact our staff to rearrange the pickup.

We recommend clients to use a business address where generally staff will be there when driver turn up. The courier company deserves the right to charge the pickup fee for their attempt if goods to be picked up are not accessible.